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Recovery Suite

The Recovery Suite utilizes a collaborative of rehabilitation specialists. Our physician directed team consists of nursing, physical and occupational therapies, speech-language pathology and social services. Additionally, patients have access to other areas of expertise within Hopkins Manor including nutritional services , psychology, recreational activities and pastoral care.

In conjunction with Genesis Rehab Services, Hopkins Manor, Ltd. delivers physical, occupational and speech therapy services reliably and accurately, with a focus on functional results. Our highly skilled therapists screen residents within 24 hours of admission. This formal evaluation identifies the resident’s strengths and deficit areas, functional status rehabilitation needs and potential.

The Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Program at Hopkins Manor is designed for patients who no longer require acute hospitalization, but who still do require comprehensive skilled nursing and rehabilitative care before returning home. Participants in the Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Program are recovering from orthopedic injury or reconstructive surgery, mild neurological disorders including stroke or an extended hospitalization that has left them weakened. The Recovery Suite is committed to restoring as much normal function as possible within the shortest period of time. Most patients stay an average of ten days and return home.


The goals of the Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Program are specific to each patient and diagnosis, but overall are designed to restore the patient’s maximum potential and level of functional independence. Each patient’s individualized care plan is customized to meet holistic needs and to promote recovery. Our licensed, Sundance therapists are focused on promoting independence through a variety of rehabilitation therapies and treatments. Treatment goals may include walking or climbing stairs independently, managing daily routines such as bathing and dressing, transfer techniques and regaining strength and endurance. Each patent’s progress is monitored daily in order to determine changes in treatment and therapeutic needs.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning begins upon admission and focuses on the patient’s safe return to home within the community. Social services coordinate any required outpatient services, community resources, government entitlements and durable medical equipment necessary to ensure a smooth transition and continuum of care.